UBB Features

Portal Features

  • Portal is completely optional.
  • Enable one or two side columns, allowing users to turn either off.
  • News posts from assigned forums can be displayed on main portal entrance.
  • 8 Built-in portal boxes including: Search, Who's Online, Newest Members, Public and Private Calendar, AJAX Shoutbox, Top Posts, Forum Statistics. All which can be placed and ordered in either column.
  • 10 fully customizable islands that support PHP or HTML including things like Google's AdSense. Option to display these islands in between posts.
  • 10 Post islands that can display the most recent posts or topics from an admin-definable list of forums.
  • Cached content to improve performance.

Forum Features

Categories & Forums
  • Create an unlimited number of Categories and Forums.
  • Create unlimited subforums to better organize your board.
  • Group based permissions for read, write, and reply access.
  • Assign style settings including colors, images, headers, and footers to specific forums.
  • Enable/Disable file attachments on a per-forum basis.
  • Enable/Disable polls on a per-forum basis.
  • Forum Introductions can be assigned to each forum.
  • Enable/Disable post moderation on a per-forum basis.
  • Syndicate content of an individual forum easily with customized RSS settings.

Topics & Posts
  • CAPTCHA for Guest Posting. *
  • New topic/post tracking.
  • Topic Watching - Subscribe to a topic with optional emails for any new posts in topic.
  • Flat or Threaded views.
  • Multi-Question polls.
  • ActiveText, which is a set of words defined by an admin that will turn into links or images when used in a post.
  • Manage Topic options - Announcement, Sticky, Move, Lock, Delete.
  • Supports a wide variety of UBBcode with an easy to use post editor.
  • Supports HTML if enabled by admin.
  • Graemlins
  • User Avatars
  • AJAX Quick Reply and Quick Quote features.
  • AJAX preview post option.
  • Topic Ratings
  • Attach multiple files to a single post if enabled in forum.
  • Moderator Notification of questionable posts.
  • Email post to a friend.

Photo Gallery Forums using UBB.gallery
  • Multiple Photos can be attached to a single post.
  • Automatic Thumbnail generation, along with medium and full-sized image.
  • Content Island to display thumbnails of recent photos that have been uploaded.

Calendar Features
  • Private and Public Calendar Entries.
  • Monthly/Yearly Recurring Events.
  • Topics can be tied to a Calendar Day.
  • Member Birthdays.

* In order to use the CAPTCHA feature you will either need to have ImageMagick 6 or GD2 with FreeType support on your server.

User Features

User Profiles
  • Customizable user profiles allowing the user to give certain information about themselves including Birthday, Occupation, Instant Messenger, Interests, any admin defined fields and many more.

User Preferences
  • Customizable user preferences allowing the user to choose how the forum is displayed to them, including skin, language, time zone, signature viewing, hiding from who's online and more.

Private topics
  • Multiple users can participate in a single private topic. Maximum number of participants is defined by the admin.
  • New Private Topic indicators.
  • Tracking to see who has or has not read a post within a private topic.

User Avatars
  • Admin-definable settings to allow users to upload an avatar, link to an off-site avatar or choose from a stock set of avatars defined in the control panel.
  • Admin-defined max width and height of user avatars.

Watch Lists
  • Users can watch forums, topics or individual users.
  • Watched items appear in the "My Watch Lists" area so users can quickly check on any new content within their watched items.
  • User can decide on an individual watch item basis if any new posts should be emailed to them.

User Moods
  • Users can specify their current mood while browsing the forum.
  • Their current mood will be displayed next to any of their posts while they are online.

Admin Features

Master Settings
  • Options to log SQL errors and all Control Panel Activity
  • Highly customizable censoring tool with wildcards, allowing for a default replacement word, or where certain words are replaced with something different.
  • Markup Panel Options allowing the admin to define which font-families and sizes a member can use in their posts.
  • ActiveText option where words can be tagged to be replaced with a link or image. (Note: This differs from the censor feature as it's done when the post is displayed. If the word is removed from the ActiveText list it will no longer be altered).
  • File Attachment options, allowing the admin to specify what file types are allowed and what the maximum file attachment size is.
  • Search settings, including maximum search results, time between searches and more.
  • Options to turn on/off Member/Topic ratings, polls, flood checks, etc.

Display Options
  • Options such as time zone settings, community introductions, Who's Online timeframe, and many more.
  • HTML headers/footers, any onload JavaScript, meta tags can all be defined in this area.
  • Interface for the admin to add/change or remove post icons, graemlins, user avatars, forum images or news images.
  • Full Control Panel Style Editor.
    • Styles can be created where an individual style uses its own set of images
    • Easy to use preview area so any changes to the CSS settings can be viewed immediately.
    • Customizable table wrappers to allow for a style to have things like rounded corners, drop shadows around tables, and more.
    • Easy Import/Export system to share your styles or add new ones for your users to choose from.
  • Language editor, allowing for all text to be changed easily from the control panel.
  • Template editor. Smarty Templates can be edited through the control panel to quickly change any of the templates.

Forum & Category Management
  • Add/Edit/Delete forums and categories.
  • Easy subforum system to allow for better management and easier user navigation.
  • Full control over all forum settings including post privileges, polls, attachments, RSS feeds and many more.
  • Quick assignment of moderators and what privileges they have for each forum including edit, delete, sticky topics and more.
  • Easy Group Management allows the admin to get an overview of what groups of users have what privileges, and quickly make changes to any or all forums.

Membership Area
  • Member Moderation
  • Email verification
  • CAPTCHA for registration. *
  • Specify Board Rules
  • Registration Screen settings allow the admin to define required and optional fields.
  • Minimum age settings.
  • Member Titles based on number of posts a user has made.
  • Powerful Member Management
    • Allows the admin to search for members using various criteria, including last visit time, group, IP address, last post and more.
    • Option to send an email to all users or selected users using the search mentioned above.
    • Option to export all email addresses in a variety of formats.
    • Quickly change user groups for single or multiple users.
    • Ban/Unban a set of users.
    • And many more options

  • Full control over all portal settings mentioned earlier.

Content Management
  • Create RSS feeds from single or multiple forums.
  • Approve posts from multiple forums on one page.
  • Move or prune topics using a powerful topic management system, allowing the admin to specify search criteria for topics.

  • Database Tools, including: database information, database server backup and a SQL command box.
  • Option to force clearing of the cache.
  • Quickly check to make sure all permissions are set properly.

* In order to use the CAPTCHA feature you will either need to have ImageMagick 6 or GD2 with FreeType support on your server.

Moderator Features

  • Full admin control of what a moderator privileges, including: editing posts, making sticky posts, moving posts/topics, deleting posts/topics and more.
  • Post Approval screen allows the moderator to get an overview of all unapproved posts from all forums they moderate, then handle them accordingly.
  • Member Management screen. If the admin has allowed a moderator to Edit Members, this will allow them to help with member management.