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Apple Macintosh Color Classic MYSTIC 132MB RAM 300GB HD Mac OS 8.1 68040 Vintage For Sale

Apple Macintosh Color Classic MYSTIC 132MB RAM 300GB HD Mac OS 8.1 68040 Vintage:

For your consideration at this wonderful sale is a rare and vintage Apple Macintosh Color Classic from 1993, with an upgraded Logic Board containing a Motorola MC68LC040 series processor clocked at up to 33Mhz speeds. These specifications have been maxed out with 132 Megabytes of RAM, an internal spacious 300GB (Gigabyte) SCSI Hard Drive and a full installation of Mac OS 8.1, making it more attractive and interesting. Apple Ethernet Card is installed on the logic board in the PDS slot for AppleTalk and Network Connections, and the logic board features both PDS and Communication Slot connections. The PDS slot, currently occupied, supports other devices, such as graphics cards, display engines, mainframe systems, etc.. A communications slot is also available and can support a modem card or RJ45 ethernet card from Apple. The built-in crisp Sony 9" Trinitron display supports thousands of vibrant colors in crisp quality with the upgraded VRAM memory. Apple ADB Adjustable Keyboard and matching Numeric Function Keypad with Mouse II are included, the palm rests are included with the keyboard and numeric keypad. Microphone and internal speaker is present, but sound performance and internal audio functionality is untested. SCSI port allows connection to external hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives and peripherals; the serial ports allow connections to external modems and desktop printers. There is line-in and line-out connection for audio devices, such as microphones and speaker systems. An Apple Omni-directional Microphone will be included. This unique configuration was time consuming and took a great deal of effort & patience to make it possible for the hardware to understand that there is an internal 300GB hard drive installed, it is not possible to accomplish this unprecedented upgrade with any version of System 7. Firmware drivers were installed on the hard drive so that the Color Classic computer recognizes this drive; removal or formatting the drive again may cause the drive to be ignored by the logic board, which will ultimately render this computer unusable. Mac OS 8 is required for the Mac to see a 300GB hard drive installed. And it is not possible to install such a large capacity hard drive inside of a Macintosh Performa 575, Mac TV or LC 520/550 series machine due to the fact that Apple requires a SCSI connection bridge, which is not required in this Color Classic series. An LC 575 (Mystic) logic board is installed, however, the original Color Classic logic board and plastic panel cover are absent due the different design of the port layout and will not be included with this sale. The existing floppy drive is present, and is not tested or verified (no guarantee of functionality). CRT displays may show signs of age over the years during the first few minutes of startup, with small dark portions of the screen readjusting to full contrast, or partial burn-in, and this is considered normal for vintage computers. Color Classics have beige cases that have been exposed to sunlight and may appear to fade from platinum to tan beige or sometimes yellow. Seller will ship USPS Priority Mail for domestic shipping throughout the United States. The equipment will be professionally packaged by the seller when shipped, however, international shipping and handling is also available throughout the world at additional cost specified here in the sale; Approximate weight of bundle for shipping is 40 pounds. I have years of experience packing Color Classics for shipment, and I insist on wrapping at least 6 to 12 inches of bubble-wrap around all 6 sides of the machine to minimize the potential for physical damage upon direct impact during handling. However, this unit is offered as-is, with no warranty, and any changes or additional modifications are not supported, as such actions are performed at your own risk. It is recommended to make a secondary back-up of the hard drive when using this machine for the first time. Multiple units are available for purchase at this sale. Each unit will have the same exact configuration as specified in the description with corresponding accessories. Each unit purchased will be shipped well wrapped in its own box accordingly. Please see all the pictures below before asking questions or making a decision to make a final offer. Note: table cloth, glass jars, mousepad/palmrest for the numeric keypad is not included. IMPORTANT POLICIES AND TERMS: 1. Placing a offer in this sale signifies the buyer's acceptance and complete understanding of these policies and terms, in addition to the policies set forth in the user agreement. 2. Payment must be received within five (5) days of sale closing. PayPal is the only method of payment at this time. If you are unable to pay, please do not offer. 3. Shipping and handling is specified by cost listed in the sale, or will be determined at the end of the sale, as it is subject to value, weight and destination. Projections are available throughout the duration of the sale with the use of postal zip code. If the sale does not specify a shipping price, an email will be sent to the highest successful buyer with information necessary to complete the transaction. 4. Item will be prepared for departure as soon as possible after payment arrives, departures are unavailable on weekends or holidays. Items are packed sufficiently and professionally using standard and fresh packaging materials. 5. International shipping is more expensive than domestic shipping. If you are located in a different region and would like to offer and purchase an item that we are initially unable to ship, please email seller to request reasonable accommodations. Please be specific with custom shipping arrangements as there is no guarantee otherwise. 6. Copyright Protection. sale pictures and descriptions, including these terms and conditions, are copyright protected by the seller. Serial numbers may be recorded. All cases of plagiarism and unauthorized reproduction of seller's materials will be investigated and dealt with severely. Such investigations may suspend the sale. 7. Items featured in description pictures are described as fairly and accurately as possible. Do not assume something works in a certain imagined way, or if a part is included even if it is not there. Do research the items should technical specifications exist on the manufacturer's website. 8. Prospective buyers are encouraged to email the seller with questions as early as possible about this item only before offerding and before the sale ends. However, emailing seller during sale within the last few hours of the sale end does not necessarily guarantee a response. 9. Delivery Confirmation and Insurance are often available with USPS Priority Mail and are typically included with exclusive items. Upon item departure, an email will be sent to the buyer containing such information. 10. The items are being provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. There are no refunds or exchanges. Shipping costs and postage are nonrefundable once the package is shipped out by the seller. Buyer must save and present original packaging materials to claim an insured item. 11. sales that are not completed will become null and void, with possibilities for the item to be relisted. buyers who do not pay, others who sabotage the seller or contradict these terms, and sellers who do not perform will be registered on a blocked buyer list, and they will remain there. 12. Be nice. All communications or activity consisting of inappropriate remarks, questionable behavior or defamatory references will be reported and dealt with consequences. 13. No children or natural weather emergencies. buyers must be legally eligible to participate in the sale. Participants must be 18 years of age, or older. Seller reserves the right to suspend suspicious offers; do not ask seller to cancel offers placed in error. An sale may be closed earlier than scheduled closing when deemed necessary (weather emergencies). 14. Non-paying buyers and whiners will be shot down. Decisions rendered by the seller are considered ultimately as final, in accordance with standard procedures and policies. Do not argue with people.

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