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Will Ship: Vintage Apple Power Macintosh 6500/250 M3548 Performa Mac M4681
Will Ship: Vintage Apple Power Macintosh 6500/250 M3548 Performa Mac M4681
Price: US $395.00
Apple Power Macintosh 6500/250 M3548 128MB RAM Performa PowerPC Mac Update as of Oct 23: I will ship only the computer (with keyboard and mouse, but without the monitor). You can use a DB15-to-VGA converter to connect this computer to a VGA monitor. I will set the monitor settings to 640x480. The DB15-VGA adapter is $10-15 and can be found online easily. Please contact me and we can work out a price and the details.
Update as of Sep 26 - I was able to purchase a brand new Asante PCI Ethernet card which is compatible with System 7.6. This card has been installed and tested. It cost about $35. It will be included with the computer and the price will not be increased. It's a gift to the next owner. The card is compatible with System 7 and MacOS 9. You'll be able to browse vintage / enthusiast web sites and print to printers on your local network. (I was able to print to on my networked HP Laserjet.)Update as of Sep 4:
  • A few people have inquired about shipping. Here are the quotes from the UPS Store, shipping from New York:
    • Dallas, TX , $464
    • Tampa/Orlando, FL: $400
    • Atlanta, GA: $335
  • As others as for quotes, I will update the listing. Hopefully, this will give you an idea. Please feel free to send me your zip code for an accurate quote.

Update as of Aug 21:
  • I was able to purchase a recovery CD-Rom for this particular model with MacOS 7.6. It will be included.
  • Someone inquired about shipping to the Tampa/Orlando area. UPS quoted $400 inclusive of the fragile packaging. I'd estimate the breakdown shipping at $270 and the packaging around $130. For context, Tampa is about 1,100 miles from New York.
  • The shipping option has been removed due to the complexity of shipping two cartons. Please contact me directly about shipping. I will ship the computer and the monitor in separate, double-boxed, “fragile packed” packaging provided by the UPS store. This will cost an additional $110 for the professional packaging. Shipping costs will be in addition to this. In order to quote shipping costs, please contact me with provide your zip code. If you do buy this set, I will send you the receipt from the UPS store for the packaging and the shipping. I’ve received one quote for shipping from the UPS store: New York to Atlanta was $215.
  • This Power Mac has now been configured for dual-boot. It will boot into a 2GB partition for System 7 (7.6.1) and 4GB partition for MacOs 9 (9.1). See the last photo for the System 7 screenshot showing iCab and the startup disk control panel. Once again, I am willing to reformat the drive with System 7, MacOS 8 or 9. If you don't ask, it will go out with the dual boot as currently configured.

  • Apple PowerMac Performa 6500 desktop computer w/ monitor
  • Processor: PowerPC 603ev @ 250 MHz
  • Ram: 128MB (just purchased in May 2022)
  • Hard Drive: 6GB - currently in two partitions: System 7.6.1 (HFS) on 2GB and MacOS 9.1 (HFS+) on 4GB
  • CD-Rom
  • Floppy Drive
  • Apple Multiple Scan 15av Display w/ correct power cable to be plugged into desktop. Model M4681
  • Apple Keyboard II M0487
  • Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II
  • System 7 and MacOS 9.1 are currently installed. This computer is capable of running System 7.5 through System 9.1.

Other important items to note:
  • You will receive the hardware shown in the pictures.
  • Performa 6500 recovery CD-rom MacOS 7.6 will be included
  • The four screenshots have additional details about the computer directly from the Apple System Profiler.
  • The CD-Rom drive works, but it will only read discs from the same era as the computer. For example, MacOS 9.1 was installed from an original CD-Rom. That worked fine. But attempting to copy files from a CD-Rom that was burned this year did not work. This is a common issue for Performa's. You can purchase a PCI USB card or use an external ZIP drive to copy large files.
  • System 7.6.1 is very responsive on this system. This computer originally came with System 7 and it's been restored to it's former glory!

Configuration options:
  • As mentioned above, both System7 and MacOS 9.1 are installed. I will reformat the hard drive with MacOS 7.6, 8., or 9.1, upon your request. You need to let me know when you confirm the order. Otherwise, it will ship with the current dual-boot installation.

  • I purchased this computer from its only owner.
  • The PRAM battery was replaced. It doesn't look like the PRAM is an original Rayovac 870/871 4.5V battery that would have been found in the computer orignally. Instead, it has a CR2032 battery connected with two wires. It seems to work fine. The Rayovac batteries are nearly impossible to find. I tried a Rayovac 841 battery and it didn't work.
I hope this finds a great new home. It is a lot of fun!
Please contact me with any questions.

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