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Vintage Computer IBM 5170 AT 8513 VGA monitor Model M Keyboard Clean Tested Work
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Vintage Computer IBM 5170 AT 8513 VGA monitor Model M Keyboard Clean Tested Work
Price: US $1499.99

This is a perfectly working IBM AT setup with an 8513 VGA monitor and a Model M keyboard. Everything is cleaned and tested. The only thing I don't guarantee is the original MFM HDD. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I don't spent much time with them. That's what the XTIDE is for

The bios was changed with a modified IBM 5170 bios that allows you to use an xtide without issue, install a 1.44 3.5 inch floppy drive (bios configured with gsetup), and if you ever need to, use an aftermarket non IBM floppy/hard drive controller. Original chips will be included tucked in the case in an anti static bag.


-6mhz 80286 cpu

-80287 math coprocessor

-1.2 mb 5.25 FDD

-1.44 mb 3.5 FDD

-Original MFM HDD (as-is, not set in BIOS)

-Xtide with configured compact flash card

-Ram expansion card giving you the maximum of 640kb of conventional memory

-3COM Etherlink III network card (configured and ready for your home network or BBSing

-16bit VGA card

-IBM MDA card

The PC, 8513 monitor, and Model M keyboard are included.

In my pictures I tried to show everything. The cards laid out the video card doesn't have the bracket. I found it and it's installed in the photos of the PC. Worth noteing. It's one less thing to rattle in transit. The xtide however doesn't have a bracket. ***make sure to check inside the PC before powering to make sure everything is seated properly ***

I'll include a few floppies. I'll make sure you you have a diagnostics disk although I recommend using gsetup. You'll need gsetup to tell it it's a 1.44 3.5 drive. I'll also include a boot disk but again, that's what the xtide is all about.

The xtide is preloaded with all kinds of games and programs. The network card is internet ready and in the photos its shown connected to a BBS

Lots of care will go into shipping this.

If you have any questions or need a closer look at something, let me know.

Thanks for looking.

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